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Boat insurance helps protect a boat (and other watercraft) from certain risks.

Insurance protects you from financial loss as a result of injuries or damage caused during your boat ride. It also covers other watercraft and trailers if they are stolen or damaged. We work with boat and watercraft owners in Alabama and Florida all the time, so we’re very attentive to the best coverage options available for you.

Registration is important

If you plan on owning or driving a boat in Alabama or Florida, you need to get a Certificate of Number and validation decals to operate legally. Sailboats or rental ships don’t need these certificates from you, but all other motorized water vehicles require these numbers.

Also keep in mind that if you want to operate a boat in either Alabama or Florida, you must be over the age of 12 and have received a boater safety certification. This process requires going through a variety of classes to ensure you are ready to drive a boat safely on your own. These certificates are good for life and don’t need upgrades.

Boat Insurance is Suggested

While boating insurance will help protect you in case you get into an accident on the water, you are not required to obtain liability insurance. As a result, many avoid this type of policy as a way of saving money.

Simply put, the dangers of crashing on the water are too high to ignore.

Find the best policy today.

We know Alabama and Florida insurance law so contact us today for a personal quote.