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Auto insurance¬†covers damage to your vehicle and protects you financially if you’re liable for someone else’s injuries or damages.

Protecting your family, passengers, and assets should be a top priority. Auto insurance can protect you from the financial consequences of an accident. It also provides peace-of-mind knowing that repairs and medical procedures will be taken care of if something happens.

Finding the right auto insurance

Without it, your risk for severe property damage, medical emergencies, and exorbitant costs to restoring your quality of life will skyrocket. Not only is it wise to own adequate auto coverage as resident along the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast, but it is also required by state law.

Both Alabama and Florida require their citizens to invest in liability insurance to protect motorists in the event of an accident. Operating, registering, and maintaining registration is forbidden on any public roads and highways without coverage policies. Minimal liability requirements include:

  • $100,000 for the death or bodily injury of a single individual.
  • $300,000 for the death or bodily injury of two or more individuals.
  • $100,000 for damage or destruction of the property involved in a collision or accident.

These policies must be granted by an insurance agency that is licensed to do business within the state. All self-propelled vehicles must be insured, with very few exceptions. These exceptions may include:

  • Trailers.
  • Government-owned vehicles.
  • Vehicles owned by a commercial business.

Many of these vehicles require a separate kind of policy, such as commercial insurance coverage, before becoming legal to operate. To learn more about the specific insurance needs for your vehicle, reach out for a personal consultation from our Align Insurance team.


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