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Vehicle Insurance

Keep the fun rolling

Auto Insurance

Protecting your family, passengers, and assets should be a top priority. Auto insurance can protect you from the financial consequences of an accident. It also provides peace-of-mind knowing that repairs and medical procedures will be taken care of if something happens.

Motorcycle Insurance

At Align Insurance Group, we’ve helped many residents along the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast get motorcycle coverage. This type of coverage is essential for bike owners and protects them against a myriad of potential financial and legal troubles.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Insurance protects you from financial loss as a result of injuries or damage caused during your boat ride. It also covers other watercraft and trailers if they are stolen or damaged. We work with boat and watercraft owners in Alabama and Florida all the time, so we’re very attentive to the best coverage options available for you.

RV Insurance

RV insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones financially from any accidents that may occur while on-the-go. Coverage options are available whether you use your RV for fun or as a full time residence!

Motor Home Insurance

Though most people are familiar with home and auto insurance, the specifics of motor home insurance coverage can be vague and confusing. For example, homeowners’ and renters’ insurance may cover belongings but not medical or damage expenses. We’ll help you get the best coverage for your unique situation.