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Umbrella insurance gives you extra protection from accidents and lawsuits.

Many residents along the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast may have heard of umbrella insurance but may not quite understand how they work. That’s where we come in!

Umbrella policies are meant to provide extended protection.

Currently, state law does not mandate the use of umbrella policies. That’s because these are considered extra or add-on coverage options that aren’t legally necessary. Therefore, people may try to do without them because they don’t technically need them per law.

However, that doesn’t mean that these types of policies don’t have their place in a person’s insurance coverage. In fact, many people throughout the states are turning to these policies as a way of staying financially-safe in increasingly litigious times. Fully understanding the protection of this policy type can help a buyer make an informed decision.


What kind of protection is provided by umbrella policies?

Umbrella insurance is, in essence, a particular type of liability policy that kicks in when an ordinary plan falls short. For example, a driver may have a limit of $25,000 on a personal injury but need to pay far more than that after they injure a large number of drivers. Without this coverage, they’ll have to pay out of their pockets.

With umbrella insurance, drivers will have a more extensive liability option that will ensure that they can pay off these costs without having to lose their own money. As a result, people who are often in somewhat dangerous career positions or who travel a lot may want umbrella policies to stay safe in a multitude of circumstances.

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