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Covers damage to your motorhome caused by falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, flood and some other non-collision losses.

Though most people are familiar with home and auto insurance, the specifics of motor home insurance coverage can be vague and confusing. For example, homeowners’ and renters’ insurance may cover belongings but not medical or damage expenses. We’ll help you get the best coverage for your unique situation.

What makes motorhomes so different from motor vehicles?

  • Idle Times: One of the chief differences between a motorhome and a car is the frequency of use. Often, the motorhome remains unoccupied. When inactive, concerns such as liability and collision coverages are almost entirely negated. Keep in mind that special insurance can allow for the suspension of particular coverages and reduce the monthly costs of insurance should it be known the vehicle will be stationary for several months.
  • No Idle Times: Should you opt to use the motorhome as a full-time mobile dwelling, a Full-Time coverage policy can offer protections and coverages that are available for your home but not your car. This can include personal belongings.
  • Roadside Assistance: Changing the tire of a motorhome is a much bigger ordeal than changing the tire of a car. Many smaller tow trucks are incapable of hauling larger motorhomes in the event of a breakdown. To the same point, many Alabama and Florida auto insurance options with a roadside policy will not honor assistance for motorhomes due to the unique nature of the size of the vehicle.

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