Required Auto Insurance For Alabama

November 29, 2020

For many years, auto insurance wasn’t mandatory in Alabama. But since 2013, it is the state law that all drivers must carry insurance on their vehicles. The state now has a mandatory minimum liability law that requires liability so that rivers can pay for accidents that they cause. If you need an auto policy, call us at Align Insurance Group in Spanish Fort, AL.

Liability Auto Coverage

The minimum liability coverage that an Alabama vehicle owner has to have has three minimums for different liability coverage kinds. There is one minimum amount that pays for bodily injury for each person involved in an accident (other than you), as well as a higher amount required for all of the bodily injury caused by the same accident. It also covers a payout amount for any property damage done during an accident- other than damage to your own vehicle. As long as these three types meet the mandatory minimums, your vehicle is legal to drive. You must also carry proof of this insurance with you all the time. 

Optional Coverage

Some drivers stay with the state minimums, but they may not pay for serious accidents with extensive injuries due to the high medical bills cost. You can always add more coverage for higher amounts and other types of coverage. One optional type is for uninsured or underinsured motorists. If you should have an accident with someone without the insurance to pay for your medical bills, this policy will pay for them. There is also collision and comprehensive coverage. This can pay for repairs or replacements for your vehicle after an accident or another calamity that damages the vehicle. 

Get Your Vehicle Covered

If you drive in Alabama, you need this insurance. Contact us at Align Insurance Group in Spanish Fort, AL to find out more.

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