Protect Your Home With Home Insurance

August 16, 2021

Home insurance is a must if you own a home. Not only is it extremely important protection, but it also is usually required by your lender if you have one. If your home is paid off, you still need to have this protection in place in case the worst should happen. If you need home insurance, call us at Align Insurance Group in Spanish Fort, AL to find out more. 

Your Dwelling

One of the most important types of coverage in a home insurance policy is coverage for the dwelling itself. If there were to be a serious accident, disaster, etc., repairing and/or rebuilding can be extremely expensive. It would be very difficult for most people to pay for it without home insurance. However, if you have your policy in place, this damage and the repairs it requires can be paid for by the policy. 

Possession Coverage

Not only is your dwelling covered by this policy, but everything inside is also covered. If a catastrophe, accident, or disaster were to destroy your possessions or badly damage them, your home insurance would cover them. Having this protection can help greatly if expensive items are ruined or a large number of your possessions are destroyed. The policy can pay for you to start replacing the items that were lost rather than you having to start out again with nothing. 

Liability Protection

If a person were to have an accident or fall ill in your house, you could be judged to be liable for the incident and responsible for the medical bills. Home insurance comes with liability protection to pay those medical bills if this were to happen. 

Get Your Home Policy

If you own a home and need home insurance for it, call us right away at Align Insurance Group in Spanish Fort, AL.

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