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How To Be Prepared When Making An Insurance Claim For Your Business

November 28, 2019

If you ever have to make an insurance claim for your business, there are essential steps you’ll have to take. You’ll save time by having certain things ready, and it is likely to help you have greater success with the claim. If you have questions and want to sign up for regular business insurance and possibly supplemental, talk to the experts at Align Insurance Group of the Spanish Fort, AL area.

Record Any Damages

The first step is to record damages to your business. If any property has been stolen or if there have been any issues with liability, you’ll have to document this properly. You should have this evidence on hand before it comes to a lawsuit. This can mean photographing physical damage, taking note of exact details of items that have been stolen, and filing police or incident report(s).

Mitigate the Damage

It’s your duty to protect your belongings and any property of the business from further damages. You can have property temporarily repaired, such as boarding up windows and securing broken locks. Then, you’ll need to get estimates from experts on how much permanent repairs are going to cost.

Review Your Business Insurance Policy

As long as you have commercial insurance, you should have at least partial coverage for your losses. Look over what’s in the policy to determine what you can recover from the damage that has been done. Look for specific policy provisions that can impact coverage, as well. Then, you should decide if it’s in your best interest to file an insurance claim. This is in your best interest if you’re unable to pay for repairs yourself or if you have aggregate deductibles, meaning there’s plenty of coverage to help you with damages and repairs.

If you’re unsure of how the process works and want to sign up for business insurance that has reasonable policies, look no further than Align Insurance Group, serving the greater Spanish Fort, AL.